Livin’ Local Podcast Episode 10:

Marcus Dacar – Owner – Dickies Pit BBQ of the Northern Hills

Marcus Dacar – Owner – Dickies Pit BBQ of the Northern Hills

Today on Livin’ Local we meet a former oilfield worker turned restaurant entreprenuer – Marcus Dacar of Dickie’s Barbeque Pit of the Northern Hills.

Marcus tells us how Dickeys began back in the early 1940’s.

There are unique challenges to running a restaurant to serve a specialty item like smoked meats in a fast casual environment.
Marcus talks about the process for smoking meat including the time it takes and how that is coordinated to meet the customer’s needs.
If you’re not hungry yet, Marcus runs down the menu and you’re probably going to be thinking about making a trip.

Marcus does give us his two main secrets to making delicious smoked meats.

Then we’ll learn about Marcus’ background. Growing up with parents who were in the energy business he moved a ot and is glad to be settled back in the Black Hills region where some of his relatives have lived for a long while. Marcus is an outdoor enthusiast, mountain biker, hiking, skiing and hunting are his interests.

Prior to owning the restaurant Marcus talks about life working in the oilfields of North Dakota. And then how circumstances led him to owning his first business in Spearfish. He tells how he wanted a franchise business that felt authentic with a real hometown feel that gave owners local freedoms.

Marcus talks about the 3 biggest challenges to running the business and also the rewards.

In our speed round Marcus talks about the “secret” menu at Dickies. And also the keys to success in running a business with smoked meats and the personal habits that help keep him ready and focused on the job.  And we wrap up by getting a sense of what’s ahead in the next 5 years for Dickies.

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