Livin’ Local Podcast Episode 06:

Kevin Bybee, Owner and General Manager of the Spearfish Sasquatch baseball team

Kevin Bybee – Owner, General Manager, Spearfish Sasquatch

In Episode 06 of Livin’ Local we have as our guest Kevin Bybee of the Spearfish Sasquatch, and Exhibition League baseball team opening play in Spearfish in May of 2018.

In this episode learn about the Exhibition League, what it is and what purpose it serves. Also we’ll learn about some of the players that are headed to the Northern Hills to play.

Kevin tells us about his story of going from owning one of the most well-known Black Hills’ tourist attractions to becoming owner and GM of the Sasquatch. We cover what this season will bring, the challenges and rewards of running a baseball team and a little known fact about the team that fans will discover.

This season will feature an all-star game, something on the 4th of July Spearfish hasn’t seen in years, and an outline of how the post season will work. We’ll cap it off with a look ahead to where the league sees itself in 5 years.

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