About Us

It’s A Big Box World But….

We live in a world of big national brands, big box stores and big national web sites.  Amazons, Walmarts and McDonalds are everywhere. And they do serve us comfortably well most of the time. But sometimes we want more. We want the uniqueness of local.

Small Business is a Big Deal

That’s why we built Black Hills Superfan. To celebrate the smaller, local businesses that help make this beautiful country where we live so unique. But often the small business owner doesn’t have the resources or expertise to get the word out about their exceptional products or services. At Superfan we wanted to remove those barriers so you would have the opportunity to create a connection with them that may not otherwise have existed.

Membership Has It’s Privileges

As a Superfan member it is our goal to see to it that you get a generous return on your membership investment in the way of savings. Along the way, we hope you make a new friend. And as a bonus, your Superfan membership supports local non-profit organizations, creation of original video programming through the Black Hills Channel and the formation of a grant program for aspiring student documentarians.

Learning and Giving Back

Superfan members can take part in learning about the beautiful Black Hills through e-books and blog posts that we will create. As a member, you also help nominate Black Hills area non-profits for quarterly charitable gifts. Plus, as an active member you are eligible for monthly prize drawings which we purchase from our small business owners.

And One More Thing

There are other sites that offer coupon discounts. Some of them are national sites, some of them are local. In nearly every case, the owners of the website will split the profit of the coupon purchase with the business 50-50. In the case of Superfan, when you make a purchase at the place of business, the business will retain 100% of the purchase. As a Superfan member we feel it’s important for you to know that. Because when you buy local through Superfan, the power of your purchase stays with the local merchant.

A Big Thank You

Thank you for your time and for your support of Black Hills Superfan. If you are considering becoming a member, you can sign up here. An investment of $7 is all it takes. You can subscribe monthly or go month-to-month. Either way will get you started on the way to unlocking coupons to begin the savings.

If you are already a member, thank you! We love having you on board. Please let us know of your stories and the connections you have made with local businesses around the hills. You can click here.

As always, we live in a wonderful place.  Onward and enjoy!

Bryan Lessly

Founder, Black Hills Superfan