The “Superfan Celebrates” Program

At Black Hills Superfan we feel very blessed to live where we do.

We are surrounded by a generous community of people in scenic part of the world that provides us all with rich experiences every day, if we but open our eyes to them.

People here, like most who live in rural and western America are independent, and yet, dependent. We know that we survive mostly by our hard work but there are times when circumstances deal us harsher blows that force us to rely on others. That’s when the cowboy spirit really shines. Neighbor helping neighbor.

It’s in that spirit that Black Hills Superfan wants to give back.

As our membership supports us, we want to support the non-profits and charitable organizations that help those in need throughout the region. That makes us feel good and we know that makes you feel good to be a part of supporting the greater good.

You can help us reach our goal.

At BHSF we have set membership goals that we hope you will help us reach. One of those goals is 500 members. When we reach that goal, we will inaugurate our “Superfan Celebrates” program that will recognize a Black Hills area non-profit charitable organization every quarter for a donation.

Here’s how our “Superfan Celebrates” program will work.

Step one:
When we reach our membership goal we will send notification to all Superfan members that the program is beginning. At that time members will be asked to nominate an area charitable organization to receive our donation. The nominating period will be open for 30 days.

Step two:
At the end of 30 days, the three organizations with the most nominations will be placed on open ballot for all members who wish to make a selection to do so.

Step three:
At the end of the second 30 days the results will be announced and the donation will be presented to the organization.

The amount of the donation will be determined based on percentage of net revenue generated to BHSF during the quarter. Once an organization has been awarded, they will not be eligible again for a 12-month period.

We hope you will be a part of helping us reach our initial membership goal of 500 and then as we press on, we also hope to increase the number of gifts we can give back as Superfan continues to grow. As always, we thank you!