Superfan FAQ’s

If I don’t use up all my credits during the month will they roll over?

Absolutely they will. Your credits will never expire.

I lost my coupon before I had a chance to use it. Can I print out another one?

Yes you can. Simply refer back to the email you received when you made your order, or, you can log in to your account page and click on downloads and find it there.

Can I use the coupons more than once?

Unfortunately, no. Each coupon has a unique code and when you present them to the merchant at time of purchase, they mark that coupon code as out of service.

How do I enter the monthly prize drawings?

Once Black Hills Superfan reaches 250 members we award a prize each month to our members. You are automatically entered if you are a member and have credits in your account, or if you’ve made a purchase within the previous 30 days.

How are the monthly prize winners decided?

We run a computer program which will randomly choose a one of our Black Hills Superfan members.

If I win a prize, am I eligible the following month?

No. You must wait one month before being eligible again.

Do the Black Hills Superfan coupons expire?

Yes. For most coupons you have 60 days to use them. However, there are certain deals that expire sooner. Always read and become familiar with the limitations before redeeming a coupon.

How do I use the coupons?

If ordering at a restaurant it’s always best to notify your server that you have a Superfan coupon. When you make your purchase be sure to hand the coupon to the merchant, or display it on your phone so that the coupon code numbers can be entered and recorded.

How do you determine how many credits a coupon is worth?

We have a formula that calculates the number of credits based upon the total value of the deal. The higher the value of the deal, the more credits it will take to redeem it.

Do I have to live in the Black Hills area to be a Superfan member?

Not at all. We have Superfan members from all over who travel on vacation to the Black Hills or come to the region visiting family and friends who enjoy the deals that Superfan offers.

Does Black Hills Superfan take requests for offers that I’d like to see?

Yes we do! Just send us an email request with the name of the business and the kind of deal you’d like to see and we will send our team out to try and secure it for you.

I own a business that I’d like listed on Black Hills Superfan. How do I go about doing that?

It’s easy. Simply send us an email with your request and we will be happy to contact you with all the information you need to create a deal online. If you’d rather, we would be pleased to visit with you in person to help craft an awesome customer incentive.

As a business owner does it cost anything to be listed on Black Hills Superfan?

No it does not. We only ask that you create awesome deals for our members. In fact, all revenue from customer purchases made with Superfan coupons you get to keep.

How does Black Hills Superfan make its revenue?

We are membership supported. Our incredible Superfan members provide the revenue to keep the project growing. In honor of that, we have a spirit of giving back to our members through monthly prize drawings. We give back to our communities through quarterly charitable gifts to non-profit organizations.

How does Superfan decide who gets a charitable gift and for how much?

Once we’ve reached 500 members, we are committed to make quarterly charitable gifts to Black Hills area non-profits. Periodically, you as a member, will be asked to nominate a charity. Then, Superfan members vote on the organization. The top 3 will each receive a charitable cash donation. The amount of each gift is determined based on a percentage of gross sales at the end of the quarter.

Can I get a credit refund if I can’t use the coupon after I’ve downloaded it?

Yes. Simply send us an email request with the reason for the refund and the coupon code for purposes of nullification.  We will then replace the credits in your account. For these and other customer service issues visit our customer service page.

If I move away and have a balance of credits in my account, can I get a refund?

Generally speaking no. But if you have a high balance of credits, contact us and we can explore some options.